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New vehicle weight restrictions on Foxboro Bridge

By Sabrina MacDonald [1]

BELLEVILLE – The City of Belleville has decided to limit heavy vehicles on the Foxboro Bridge.

The Foxboro Bridge, built in the 1920s, has been deteriorating and is now being inspected twice a year.

The latest inspection was completed by the consulting engineering firm The Greer Galloway Group [2].

In June, the group determined the structure needed its carrying capacity evaluated. While the bridge can hold heavy vehicles, a weight limit is now posted with the following gross weight limits:

Stan Czyczyro, the City of Belleville’s senior project manager said, “We have found it has certain issues, and we’re doing rehabilitation on the bridge to make certain it’s in decent shape.”

There is severe concrete disintegration on the underside of the structure, which is causing the bridge’s deck to thin. The new design of the bridge will be finalized and a contractor will complete the repair.

“Due to logistics and time, we’re putting weight limit restrictions on the bridge until the soft rehabilitation is complete,” said Czyczyro.

More information about the process of the bridge can be found here [3].