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“Eat and greet” held to introduce student government candidates

Student government candidates

Jeanette Bujold, Shandee Baker-Cruikshank, Rajat Joshi and Chintan Surati were the four student government candidates at the “eat and greet.” Photo by Becky McMullen.

By Becky McMullen [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist’s student government is hosting an election next month to fill some vacant positions.

The available roles on student government are health studies leader, business and management leader, and international leader.

The election campaign began with an “eat and greet” event held in the Shark Tank pub during Universal Break Wednesday. Students could meet the candidates in a casual environment. Campaigners handed out angel food cake, and talked to voters.

Handing out cake

Student government candidates hand out cake at “eat and greet.” Photo by Becky McMullen

“It was a great way to meet people,” said Shandee Baker-Cruikshank, a candidate for the business and management leader position. “Everyone’s excited to talk to you when you’re handing out cake.”

Students lined up at a table to be served by each of the candidates. The room was filled with conversation and upbeat music, adding enthusiasm to the general mood of the event.

Nearly 100 people attended.

“It was a really great turnout. There were lots of smiles,” said C-Jay Stark, student government president.

The first-year leader candidate, Jeanette Bujold, is running unopposed, which means  she has already claimed her spot on the student government. She said she’s ready to get started.

“I want to get people involved,” Bujold said.

There were no nominations for the health studies leader, so the student government’s board will appoint someone. The appointment will be an announced after the board’s meeting on Thursday.

C-Jay Stark, student government leader, said she’s excited to complete the team. Photo by Becky McMullen

Voting will be held Tuesday to Thursday next week. Students can cast their vote on the Loyalist Students website [2]. The ballot will not be available until voting begins.


All students are eligible to vote.






Meet the candidates



Shandee Baker-Cruickshank

Age: 22

Program: Esthetics and Spa Management, first-year

Running for: Business and management leader

Goals if elected: To help solve student problems and make people feel like their voices are being heard.

Quote: “I’m really sociable. I like to talk to people. I like to listen to people. And most of all, I want to help people.”

shandeebakercruik@loyalistcollege.com [3]



Jache Windover

Age: 20

Program: Business sales and marketing, second-year

Running for: Business and management leader

Goals if elected: To provide relevant ideas and suggestions to benefit the students

Quote: “I consider myself to be well organized, responsible and an open-minded individual.”

jachewindover@loyalistcollege.com [4]







Chintan Surati

Age: 25

Program: Manufacturing engineering technician, second-year

Running for: International leader

Goals if elected: To help the international students with college, residential or any issues they may be having.

Quote: “I want to be everyone’s person. What they want from me, or from college – I’d be happy to help them.”

chintansurti3112@gmail.com [5]



Rajat Joshi

Age: 21

Program: Protection, security and investigation, third-year

Running for: International leader

Goals if elected: To get the problems of international students to the faculty

Quote: “I’m a social person. I like to interact with people. That’s why I’m running for international leader.”

joshirajat062@gmail.com [6]



Jeanette Bujold

Age: 18

Program: Police foundations, first-year

Running for:First year leader (unopposed)

Goals: To get creative and start some new clubs such as drama or music; to get people involved in the arts.

Quote: “I really enjoy hanging out with different people. I like to get everyone involved that I can, even the shy people.”

jennieboo1999@gmail.com [7]



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