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Scammers posing as the OPP asking Belleville residents for money

By Sabrina A. MacDonald [1]

BELLEVILLE – Belleville residents are receiving anonymous phone calls from scammers posing as the OPP.

There have been reported incidents of scammers asking for funds towards the OPP’s Community Bear Program. The program gives police officers teddy bears to comfort children who have experienced traumatic situations.

“What we’re trying to do is warn people out there, if they are getting those calls, not to trust the call, and they are frauds, and not legitimate,” says Lisa Robson, community safety officer for the OPP.

The OPP doesn’t ask for funds from members of the public for any of its programs. If you think you have been called by someone posing as the OPP, contact the anti-fraud department at 1-855-495-8501 or go here [2] for more information.