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Lowering the Moira River to repair floodwall

By Marc Venema


BELLEVILLE, On. (07/13/11) Quinte Conservation staff check for fish caught in small pockets of water. The pockets are a result of water levels being lowered. Photo by Marc Venema

Quinte Conservation is lowering water levels on the Moira River between the McLeod and Laziers Dam to make repairs to the floodwall.

The repairs are being done just above the McLeod Dam, beside Cannifton Road and north of College Street.

Quinte Conservation General Manager Terry Murphy said in a press release that a new liner will be installed along the east side slope of the dam’s headpond. The original liner was installed in 1979 but has deteriorated.

Quinte Conservation staff could be seen Wednesday in the Moira River where work was being done with nets. They were making sure all the fish were out of small pockets that were created when the water levels started to go down.

Bryon Keene, water resources manager, said the slope of rocks would be sprayed with a product that will provide a seal resulting in no water escaping.

He said the product is similar to the products used to spray the beds of trucks.

Keene expects to be working on the project for the next few months and hopes everything will be completed by September.