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Loyalist College doctor retiring after 16 years

By Kayla Haggett [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist’s consulting physician is retiring after 16 years at the college, but the Student Health Centre [2] says the change will be smooth.

“It’s going to be passing the torch, that’s what it’s going to be,” said Lauren Deans, the Student Health Centre’s registered nurse.

Dr. Brian Hadley has been working at the school since September 2001, but this will end with his last shift on Dec. 20.

Deans said they have a replacement set up to take over the first week of January, but as they’re waiting on a formal letter of agreement she couldn’t elaborate more on when the new doctor would take over or who it would be.

She did say she is confident they will have a new doctor available by the first or second week after the holiday break.

Though Hadley is retiring, Deans said it’s not a change that will affect students, as there will be another physician available at the college; however, students that have developed a relationship with Hadley will need to adjust.

“People who have been seeing Dr. Hadley will have to get accustomed to seeing somebody new but I believe with good teamwork and good communication it’ll work out just fine,” said Deans.

Deans said not all change is bad change and there are benefits to bringing a new doctor to the school.

“The person that we get coming in will be able to look at more of what our needs are and maybe different hours that we could use instead of two afternoons a week,” said Deans. “It’s all up for assessment. If the physician we get would like to work 3 days a week, we’re happy to accommodate.”

These changes could be helpful when it comes to seeing as many students possible, said Deans, since the health centre is a busy unit and they see anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 students a month.

“It’s a situation that you may walk by here and there isn’t a soul in here and then 10 minutes later you’re lined up out the door,” said Deans.

She’s worked with Dr. Hadley for 16 years. She said she’s going to need to adjust to the change as well.

“We’ve worked together so long and we’ve got such a good relationship and team relationship,” said Deans. “I’ve certainly enjoyed working with Dr. Hadley and we’ll sorely miss him.”