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Awards ceremony rescheduled for the new year


Photo from loyalistcollege.com

By Alana Pickrell  [2]

BELLEVILLE – Annual awards ceremony that normally takes place in November has been officially moved to March 1, 2018 due to the teacher strike.

At the end of November the new date was not confirmed, but days before students leave for Christmas vacation, Joanne Farrell confirmed that it will be happening.

Donors were notified this week by email about the new ceremony to recognize students accomplishments with awards and bursaries. However, students won’t be receiving an email until the new year.

Students were able to pick up their cheques starting November 21st from the Career Centre and were asked to fill out a thank you card so that the donors would get recognition immediately. But now, with the new ceremony scheduled, winners will get a chance to thank their donors face-to-face.