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Belleville Fire Department calls for public input on new outdoor burning policy

By Vanessa Stark [1]

BELLEVILLE – Belleville may soon have a new policy for outdoor and open air burning.

The Belleville Fire Department [2] is asking the community to complete a survey [3] regarding the current laws in place regulating campfires, outdoor wood stoves and brush or shrub burnings.

“It’s just an information survey out there trying to develop some community awareness and engagement around the issue of open air burning,” Paul Patry, deputy fire chief, told QNet News.

The questions are designed to help the fire department and Belleville city council [4] understand what all demographics in Belleville are concerned about and how to better suit both urban and rural areas.

“We’ve reached out to the community to get feedback from them,” Patry said.  One reason for the survey was to find out “where you are located, in more the urban environment or more the rural environment and what kind of burning would interest you.”

After the data is collected, the decision to change or update the current open air burning bylaws will be made by council.

The survey opened Jan. 22 and will stay up until Feb. 28.