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MPP named co-chair for Christine Elliott’s bid for leadership of Ontario Conservative Party

By Bradley Bennett [1]

BELLEVILLE – Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith was named co-chair of the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership campaign for Christine Elliot, he confirmed yesterday.

Smith, who was considering a run for leader of the Ontario Conservative Party in early February, decided he wanted to support Elliot after realizing that the $100,000 cost to register and the time commitment would be too much.

“Well this wasn’t something that I was working towards right now. And, I have two daughters at home and would like to see them from time to time. My family is really important to me,” said Smith.

He said he chooses to support Elliot because she had lots of experience compared to Doug Ford and Caroline Mulroney.

“I have the ultimate respect for Christine Elliot, not only for the work that she’s done at queens park in the nine years that she’s spent there and the work that she’s done outside of Queen’s Park as well,” said Smith.

Smith has taken on the role of campaign co-chair, a huge role in organizing support throughout the province in each of the 124 ridings.

Smith has not ruled out a run for the leadership in the future.

 “Who knows what lies ahead but should an opportunity arise down the road, and maybe were a little bit more prepared for it, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out,” he said.