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The wheels were spinning at Loyalist College carnival

Alexis Devries, a first-year Loyalist College nursing student, takes a spin as part of the activities offered in the cafeteria. Devries said she feels lucky to have won a $50 campus book card, a drink and saved $1 on her choice of carnival snacks provided.  Photo by Demii Niles, QNet News

By Demii Niles  [1]

BELLEVILLE – Students enjoyed carnival-style food with a healthy twist during universal break at Loyalist College.

Students looked excited as they explored the healthy-food options such as apple poutine, Caesar kale salad, candy apples and some carnival classics like pogo sticks and salted pretzels. The apple poutine was a popular snack amongst the students served with sliced apples, choices of sprinkles and chocolate chips layered with a hot-chocolate caramel syrup on top.

Alexis Devries, a first-year nursing student at the college, said her favourite part of universal break is where students can socialize and get access to free food. The breaks seems to be planned out well and are a great way to relieve stress during a long school day, she said.

“I think everyone is really excited because its fun,” she said. “There is a lot of free stuff and you have a chance to win prizes and participate in activities.”

Devries won a $50 campus book card, a drink and saved $1 on her choice of carnival snacks provided.

“I never win anything, so this is a nice change of pace,” Devries said.

Students were able to give feedback about food services at Loyalist College [2]. Students could volunteer to fill out a quick survey about any improvements students might think the cafeteria or staff needs.

Once the survey is filled out, students have a chance to enter into a draw to win a one of two prizes.

A group of first-year business administration students said it is nice for Loyalist to give students a chance to voice their opinions on how food services can be improved and what they look forward to at future universal breaks.