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Loyalist College students say they didn’t know about advance poll

By Austin McKay

Loyalist College students like the idea of having an advance polling station on campus but wish they knew about it sooner.

“If they‘re going to hold something then everyone should know about it, they need to advertise better,” said Olivia Hodgson, a first year Pre-Health student at Loyalist.

Voting started at 10 a.m. Wednesday and ran until 8 p.m. at the Residence Commons buildings. By noon, nine people had come out to vote.

Most students were unaware of the advance poll until the day of and feel if they had more time they could have planned better to go vote.

“I never knew about the advance polling, if I did I would have gone and done the advance polling instead of waiting. They don’t give enough information about the advance polling until the last few days of it and you don’t have time to go vote,” said Kamil Qureshi, a first year automotive power student.

Not all students agree with voting in advance. “You don’t get to hear all their speeches, you don’t get see what they actually want to do,” said Dustin Weese, a first year Police Foundations student.

Many students also believe that a polling station should be at the campus on Election Day October 6. Currently the advance poll on September 28 is the only way for students to vote on campus.

“We deserve and need to have a polling station to cast a vote,” said Weese.

The Quinte mall has its advance polling station open until September 30 and Election Day is October 6.