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Councilor Thompson returns to council after surgery

By Jose De Barros

Councilor Garnet Thompson returned to Belleville city council on Monday for the first time since his recent heart surgery.

Thompson, a Belleville city councilor since February of 2006, underwent a quadruple bypass surgery five weeks ago and participated in city council for the first time since.

With his first day back on the job done, Thompson plans to carry out his civic duties for the foreseeable future.

As well as serving as a Belleville city councilor, Thompson also serves on many local committees. He is involved with the Belleville Library Board as vice chairperson, and he sits as chairman of the Belleville Accessibility Board.

“There are still things I can’t do, and I try to keep my stress level to a minimum at this stage. But in the very near future I will be back in full swing and doing everything I hope to do as councilor,” Thompson said. “I expect to be able to fill back in within the next two or three weeks. I should be back to almost 100% where I can get involved.

Thompson was excited to return to work and see familiar faces. “It was nice to get back and have that connection with my fellow councilors, so today was a very special day to be back in these council seats.”

Despite his health issues Thompson was still among the most active councilors, asking many questions on certain points of the meeting’s agenda.

Thompson was enthusiastic about his work ethic. “I like to know what is going on. Sometimes I ask a few more questions than the rest do, but that’s my commitment to the public. I am here for them and to ask as many questions as possible without making it redundant. If councilors don’t ask questions sometimes the public doesn’t find out some of the little nitty-gritty.”