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Loyalist College not the place to loaf around for student entrepreneur

By Lori-Anne Little [1]

BELLEVILLE – After starting a bread-making delivery service, Loyalist College student Stephan Szeideman has been bringing in the dough.

Szeideman said he spent the summer eating his dad’s homemade bread and  said he couldn’t part with it during the school year. He said he searched Kijiji for a bread maker that he would be able to bring to college with him and he found one for $15.

He tested out the bread maker by baking a few loaves of bread for himself and his roommates, and he said that when people tried the bread they told him, “Hey – maybe you could sell this bread. I would buy this bread.”

Szeideman, who is a film and television production student, asked the school if he would be able to start up a business while living on residence. He was told he couldn’t do that, but he could start a fundraiser. This was the perfect opportunity because the money raised could help fund the movie his class is producing called The Web [2], he added.

A lot of  loaves are being sold. When he isn’t in class he said he is probably baking bread, or running back to his apartment to throw some ingredients into one of his now four bread makers.  Just last week he said he went through 20 kilograms of flour.

He makes all different kinds of bread, including white, sour dough, banana and he is working on a recipe for gluten free bread. The prices range from $5 to $9 per loaf.