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United Way hosts pancake breakfast at Loyalist College

By Katrina Geenevasen

Over $1,000 was raised during the pancake breakfast at Loyalist College in support of Quinte United Way. Photo by Katrina Geenevasen.

The syrup was pouring, the pancakes were sizzling, and students and staff alike were lining up to support a good cause.

The tasty fundraiser in support of Quinte United Way was heralded as a success, exceeding last year’s total.

In all, volunteers raised $ 1,000 for the volunteer-led, non-profit organization that works in partnership with community agencies and organizations to develop programs for social services, health, and community programs.

Edina Cappuccitti, college advancement and external relations officer, said the United Way breakfast was a good cause for students to support because the organization supports so many people in the community.

“I don’t think people are aware of just how much people use the services of the United Way,” said Cappuccitti. “And I think it’s always good for students, certainly young people, to understand very early on that they have to give back. That it’s a good thing to give back to the community. This is a good way for them to learn the reasons why we should always give back.”

While students are in school-mode, it’s hard to accept that one day, they themselves may need the assistance of the United Way.

“They’re in college today, and they’ll go off and have wonderful jobs, we hope, but unfortunately for some, they may one day need to services of the United Way agencies,” said Cappuccitti. “But it’s just one of those things that today, we all need to pay attention to, that there are people in the community who need our help.”

The money goes towards a number of different causes and organizations in the community that include the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Community Development Council, and Gleaners Food Bank.

Curtis Klatt, a construction engineering student at Loyalist College, said it’s important to support community agencies like the United Way.

‘I think supporting charities is always a nice thing to do, as long as they help other people, it’s just a great thing,” said Klatt.

Scott Bauman, a Loyalist student who was also enjoying the pancake breakfast, said food is a good way to reach people’s hearts.

“It’s always important to support your community, and pancakes are an easy way of making a few dollars.”

While it’s one thing to enjoy a hot breakfast before a day of classes, volunteering is a great way to support the community.

“It always feels good to be a part of,” said Cappuccitti.“ I think that’s why I encourage young people here at the college to get involved. It really is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t cost you anything to volunteer, and so again, I would encourage any students to get involved. It really is a good feeling.”