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Reconstructed section of Palmer Road raises concerns for locals

By Kurt Weiss

The newly repaved section of Belleville’s Palmer Road, running from Moira Street West to Bridge Street West, may be a little too repaved according to locals.

Homeowners have raised concerns about drivers travelling too fast down the road since the project was finished on October 4. The speed limit is currently 40 km/h.

“I think the people who live here are probably the only ones who stick to the 40,” said Tony Splitter, a resident in the area.

However, city councilor Pat Culhane said this is the first time the issue has arisen.

“If it had been brought to our attention, say, through a council meeting, where the police chief attends all the meetings, I don’t know if she has had any complaints about that strip, but certainly I haven’t, and I haven’t heard any of the others mention it,” she said.

Local resident Melissa Gabourie has already enclosed her yard for the safety of her children. She says she talked to a neighbour already and that the issue needs to be addressed.

“We were going to try and talk to the city or police to see what they could do,” she said.

Another resident, Sharol Caswell, said the city is aware because the police monitored speeders on the road before the construction project was finished. But she also said they are never there on weekends when teens are often out and about.

However, Caswell said it is not only the young people.

“Regular citizens going to work, they get into that too,” she said.

Residents have suggested speed bumps, stop signs and more police monitoring as possible solutions.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for November 14th.