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Another arson incident in Belleville

By Harrison Perkins

Belleville police and fire departments responded to a report of a small fire on Wilson Avenue Tuesday night.

A large pile of wooden pallets had been set on fire.

The fire, which was quickly extinguished, is the latest case of deliberately set fires in Barrie.

The majority of the fires have taken place in the downtown core and involved garbage cans and dumpsters.

There have been also reports of attempts of lighting vehicles on fire.

Homeowners in the area of Catherine and Coleman streets are worried about the recent attacks and feel that something needs to be done.

Police continue to investigate other deliberately set fires over the past couple of months.

Fire chief Rhéaume Chaput said that the incidents need to be dealt with immediately before they escalate.

Two weeks ago, a 49-year-old Belleville man was arrested and  charged with one count of arson after police investigated fire being set to a couch and some garbage on Catherine Street on September 25.

It is not known if he is linked to the other incidents that have happened around the city.