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Quinte drivers need to prepare now winter weather is here

By Liam Radford [1]

BELLEVILLE – To drive safely in the Quinte Region during unpredictable winter weather experts say that you should be prepared.

Transport Canada [2] recommends you check all of your car’s systems, such as brakes and ignition, for winter readiness by making sure it starts properly and the brakes are working well before it gets very cold. They also say you should make sure your battery is fully charged and that winter tires are installed.

Weather conditions can change very quickly, so it is important to be aware of the situation.

Before you start driving you should check the weather, and if conditions are bad you should avoid driving. Environment Canada [3] provides up to date local weather as well as extreme weather warnings that can help plan trips.

When driving your car should be completely clear of snow and ice with good visibility. Be aware of snow, ice and other drivers on the road.

A good way to prepare is to create a emergency kit that you can keep in your trunk that includes a shovel, sand, tow chain, compass, cloth, warning light, road flares, extra clothing, emergency food, booster cables, matches, survival candles, fire extinguisher, windshield washer fluid, fuel line anti-freeze, and a reflective vest. It is also good to have a road map, ice brush, flashlight, first aid kit and blanket inside the car.