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Judge orders Brown to serve three life sentences

By Nicole Kleinsteuber

Photo by Nicole Kleinsteuber. Dean Brown being escorted out of the court house by police after judge sentences him to serve three life sentences for the deaths of Tracy Hannah and Whitney Hannah and attempted murder of Shannon Hannah.

Emotional cries of relief echoed through a Picton courtroom Friday as Justice Richard Byers handed down three life sentences to convicted murderer Dean Brown.

Brown was found guilty on twos counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Tracy Hannah, 46, and her daughter Whitney Hannah, 14, with no chance of parole for 25 years on both counts.

The third life sentence was ordered for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend Shannon Hannah with no chance of parole after 10 years.

Byers said this case is the worst he’s seen on the bench.

“He’s the poster child for the death penalty,” said Byers before making his ruling.  “He doesn’t have a nick of remorse.  He’s a manipulator, a liar and dangerous.  What he did proves it.”

Prior to the ruling the court heard moving statements from the victim’s family, explaining how Brown’s murderous actions have impacted them.

“I can’t remember the day I was born but I can remember the day I died, March 12, 2010.  When I was told Tray and Whit were dead,” said crown attorney Lee Burgess as he read Ted Hannah’s statement to the court.

“Every parent’s nightmare is to lose a child.  It’s the simple things that are the most painful to miss like making cookies or going for a walk.  I lost my best friend, my wife and my partner.  We were supposed to grow old together, be grandparents together.”

“My mom won’t be there to watch me walk down the aisle or be there when I have children,” said Burgess as he read Shannon Hannah’s impact statement to the court.  “My sister’s life was stolen from her.  She was only 13 but she had big dreams.”

Shannon was shot in the side of the neck by Brown and said the pain was unimaginable.  “I’ve never recovered from it and I feel like I never will.  The scars can be fixed but nothing can fix the emotional pain.  My life will never be the same.”

“This is far too overwhelming.  My life is forever changed and forever scarred,” Shannon’s older sister Jamie Hannah told the court.  “Some say that everything happens for a reason, but there is no reasoning for this.”

Brown’s lawyer Glen Orr told the court that Brown is remorseful and was too chocked up to speak to the court.

“Dean feels an incredible amount of remorse,” said Orr.  “Nothing can make the hurt and pain go away.  Lives are gone and that’s the reality of it.”