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Experts urge caution travelling on Halloween night

By James Bowler

Halloween is a fun night for the kids but it’s also a time of caution.

“My biggest concern is people not watching for children,” said Tracy McInnis, 39, of Trenton.

Her son Josh, 4, will be going trick or treating for the first time this year.

Constable Lonne Foeller of the Quinte West OPP says kids trick or treating without parental supervision should always be in groups and should use the buddy system.

Foeller says if kids are with parents, they should always make sure children are within view at all times.

Tania O’Reilly, 37, is the mother of two young boys Dylan, 10, and Sean, 5.

Despite his age, O’Reilly says she would not be comfortable with her eldest son trick or treating alone just yet.

“They’re both too young to be responsible,” said O’Reilly, “and at this time of year they’re too excited to think clearly.”

Marta Eden, 45, and mother of two children, Maggie, 10, and Jake, 8, agrees with O’Reilly.

“I did think about it, but I don’t think so,” said Eden, “They’re not old enough to handle uncomfortable situations.”

Bullying by older children and peer pressure are the types of situations both Eden and O’Reilly worry about for their eldest children.

But for Ali Ramji, 33, and a single father of two children, Liberty, 8, and Rafi, 3, there are other things that go bump in the night that worry him.

“I’m very overprotective,” said Ramji, “I worry about things like abduction or sexual predators.”

Ramji said he would never trust his kids to go out alone at any age.

Foeller said that officers will be on patrol Monday night in key regions around Trenton from 5:30 until about 9:30 to keep kids safe.

There will also be fire department officials walking the streets as well as 16 community volunteers who will be distributing glow sticks to the children.

For parents who feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of trick or treating, there will be a safe and free Trick or Treating event at the Trenton Arena.

Boofest will offer free candy and fun to kids and parents, as well as games and a free skate with the Trenton Golden Hawks.

Safe Trick or Treating doesn’t end as soon as the kids arrive home though.

Foeller said that parents should always check candy, not just for unwrapped or unsafe looking treats but also in case of allergies

“All fruit or anything tampered with goes into the garbage,” said Ramji.

Eden will keep fruit or open food if it’s from neighbours she knows well.

“I check their candy,” said Eden, “but it’s more to see if there is anything I like in there.”