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Still no action on Parks Canada’s request to remove unauthorized structures from crown land

By Sarah Cooke [1]

FRANKFORD – Almost a week after requesting that residents of Riverside Parkway remove structures leading up to the Trent Severn Canal, Parks Canada has yet to remove them.

In mid-October Parks Canada asked homeowners on the canal side of Riverside Parkway to remove bridges and stairs from the Crown land leading up to the Trent Severn Canal.

Residents were given a letter that requested the structures had to be removed by November 8 or residents would be billed for the cost but according to Jody Farrow-Smith who lives at 257 Riverside Pky. the structures are still in place.

“No structures have been removed yet. Hopefully we can arrange a meeting to discuss other options before anything is disturbed along the canal,” said Farrow-Smith in an email to QNet.

QNet News has been unable to get a comment so far from Parks Canada on the request or about why the structures have not yet been removed.

For the full story check out the video below.