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New app provides counselling at any time in 16 languages

With the long wait times for an face-to-face counselling appointment at Loyalist College, students can get real-time support over the phone as soon as they need it. File Photo by Matthew Morgan, QNetNews

By Graham Whittaker [1]

BELLEVILLE –A new app will give all full and part-time students at Loyalist College access to mental health support 24-7 and in 16 languages, giving students real-time support as soon as they need it. 

The Loyalist Student Government [2] is funding My SSP App [3] this year in part because of long wait times for face-to-face appointments with campus counsellors.

Aaron Doupe, director of student success at Loyalist, says that it is an excellent way for students to get free support at all times.

“Student government has invested in a service called Keep Me Safe. It’s a counselling service that’s available by phone, by video chat and by text,” he said.

Students can use this service by either downloading the free My SSP app on Apple or Android and by calling 1 844-451-9700 [4] to be connected with an advisor.

As an alternative to the appointment-based counselling already being provided at the college, this is perfect for students who may feel uncomfortable meeting in person or those who need an appointment as soon as possible.

“Different folks have different needs. Some people don’t like that face-to-face,” Doupe said. “Or they need it at 3 a.m. So those 24-7 services are excellent for those people.”

“Often we’ll hear from folks that they’ve had experiences elsewhere that weren’t positive. That match is key and you might not find it on your first try. There’s a service that’s going to meet your needs.”

Another key feature of the service is that the service is multilingual.

Given the vast diversity of cultures and spoken languages at Loyalist College, this is essential for those who speak English as a second language.

“It’s also available in over 16 languages,” he said. “So if somebody wants servicing in a language other than English, that’s a great option as well.”

By downloading the app, students will also have access to a wide variety of articles and videos which may be helpful in certain situations.