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YMCA promotes positivity during Peace Week

By Kyle Mumford

What can you do to promote peace?

That is the question the YMCA poses as it launches its 27th annual Peace Week, bringing youth together to understand peace and diversity and build strong communities.  The event gives children a forum to discuss making positive changes and tools to promote these changes in their community, said David Allen, regional director for YMCA Belleville.

Allen said people think a healthy community pertains only to physical health.  The YMCA continues to promote caring, responsibility and respect to develop a healthy community.

“If we help kids to have these values it will translate into adulthood,” Allen said.

Tracy Shipman, coordinator for the event in Belleville, said most children come in with a strong understanding of why peace is important.  She noted one boy who wants peace so his father will no longer have to travel overseas with the armed forces.

The YMCA has released a Peace Week activity guide on their website promoting fun activities for children and adults.  Activities range from creative repurposing of unused technology to activities teaching children about forest conservation versus deforestation.  The guide also includes references and websites where people can continue their education into global change.

For more information or to download the activity guide visit www.ymca.ca.