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City of Belleville says not to worry about discoloration in water

By Edna Caroline Byenkya [1]

BELLEVILLEThe City of Belleville [2] is assuring residents that there was no concern regarding the slight discoloration noted in the tap water in some areas of the city.  

“Today’s city-wide bacterialogical test results, which are done on a weekly basis, assures us the problem is aesthetic only and the water safety has not been altered in any way,” said Perry Decola, the general manager of environmental services, said in a news release sent out Wednesday.

“We are confident in the quality and safety of the water and ask residents to be patient as we work to address this issue and return the colour to normal.” 

Decola said that the Bay of Quinte is experiencing some water changes right now because of certain system changes and that the workers are doing the best they can to correct the issue. 

We noticed that something changed in the water system on Sunday and it has been a little harder to fix, he told QNet News in an interview.

” We had to increase the dosage of some water treatments including aluminum sulfate, potassium permanganate and some extra chlorine.” 

“I have been in the Bay of Quinte for 26 years and I haven’t seen a water system change like this one beforeI can assure you that our staff are working diligently and sacrificing a lot to make sure that the area has safe and clean accessible water every day.”. 

Decola also said that as of Thursday the water is normal, but it will take about two to three days for the colour to drain out completely 

It’s going to take two to three days for the colour to drain out completely. We have done everything to make sure that the water is safe for people to use.”