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Bioscience students to participate in model United Nations debate

By Andrew Mendler

A new learning experience will be provided for a group of environmental students at Loyalist College next week.

Students will be participating in a model United Nations debate for the day on Thursday.

“It is an educational tool that is used by many universities and high school,” said Eric Bauer, the event co-ordinator and bioscience professor at the college. “It is very, very seldom that it is applied in vocational education.”

Bauer and his fellow faculty member decided to use the participation in this event as a learning tool in the resource management and emerging trends courses of the environmental technology program.

“We thought this would be a great opportunity to work in part with the Quinte branch of the United Nations Association of Canada,” said Bauer. “To develop a storyline with our students around water and water-induced conflicts.”

On November 24 students will participate in a mock UN debate for the day where they will work as delegates representing 10 different nations where water and water-induced conflicts are high priorities.

“Our students have been working on this since September,” said Bauer. They have developed an understanding of their assigned county and developed a position for that county.”