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Upcoming development charges bylaw public meeting for Belleville

By Maria Toews [1]

BELLEVILLE – A proposed bylaw concerning development charges will be discussed at a public meeting on Monday, Nov. 8. 

The gathering will discuss the new bylaw [2] of the amended 1997 Development Charges Act.

Individuals who wish to attend must register in advance either through phone or email. Photo courtesy of https://www.belleville.ca

Development charges are fees paid by new developments in order to fund the new municipal services and infrastructure that will need to be put in. These services include sidewalks, sewers, roads and water mains resulting from the new expansion.

The charges are discussed in the 2021 Development Charges Background Study [3] which was made available to the public on Oct. 6, 2021. The upcoming meeting will provide the public with time to present and obtain input on the City’s proposed development charges bylaw and underlying background study.

Responses and comments on the bylaw and background study can be voiced during the public meeting. Feedback can also be delivered in writing to the City Clerk’s Office at 169 Front St., Belleville or by email to mtmacdonald@belleville.ca [4] before Nov. 2, 2021.

Individuals interested in attending online must preregister. They can contact Matthew MacDonald by phone at 613-967-3200 ext. 3256 or by email at mtmacdonald@belleville.ca [4].

On Dec. 13, 2021 the council plans to consider adopting this background study and pass the bylaw.