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Three bridges in Trenton dedicated to fallen police officers

The sign for Const. Mark Houlden was proudly placed on Highway 401 at Glen Miller Rd with his  family and comrades watching. Photo by Maria Toews, QNet News

By Maria Toews [1]

TRENTON – Ontario Provincial Police held bridge dedication ceremonies in Trenton  on Thursday to mark three officers who died in the line of service.

The ceremony was both sombre and exciting as families remembered their loved ones who died in the line of duty and police officers remembered their fallen comrades. 

There is no better way to start a day when you are a member of the OPP than to have our very own members carry in the colours, play the bagpipes and sing our national anthem,” said OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique. 

Provincial [2] Const. Blair C. Brown, provincial Const. Mark L. Houlden and provincial Const. James L. Begbie had their legacies remembered and honoured by having a bridge dedicated to each of their lives.


These bridge dedications are important acts of remembrance,” said Carrique. “Although they have taken far too long to be realized, they will help preserve the memory of these officers.

Const. Brown died on June 27, 1931 when he was 29 years old. He was transporting a prisoner to Peterborough when he was involved in a collision with two other vehicles. His wife was pregnant and they had a three year old son at the time. She gave birth to their second son just two weeks after he passed away. 

Const. Houlden died on July 29, 1970. He and another officer were attending a local domestic dispute which turned physical. He collapsed while protecting others during the fight. He was 37 years old with two children and had worked with the Trenton police for 12 years. 

Const. Begbie died on July 26, 1978. Returning from firearms training, he died while riding home on his motorcycle. He was 30 years old and had served eight years with the Trenton police. 

As for the three brave individuals that we are honouring today,” said Minister Caroline Mulroney of the Ministry of Transportation [3], “I want to say that I am profoundly grateful and proud to have had them as part of our police service. They and their families will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Below is a video of the three signs being unveiled. 

The bridge in remembrance of Const. Brown is at Highway 401 and Wooler Rd.

The bridge in remembrance of Const. Houlden is at Highway 401 and Glen Miller Rd.

The bridge in remembrance of Const. Begbie is at Highway 401 where it goes  over the Trent River. 

Mulroney hopes these bridges will serve as a reminder for future generations of the many officers who lay down their lives for their communities. 

http://www.qnetnews.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Caroline-Mulroney-audio-clip.m4a [4]


I hope as you cross over these bridges you will give thought to these fine provincial constables and the sacrifices they’ve made for all of us,” said Christine Hogarth, the Ministry of the Solicitor General Parliamentary Assistant.