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Student Government on board for new Loyalist Fitness Centre

By Harrison Perkins

When the dust settles and the debris is cleared away, Loyalist students and staff will have a new, expanded fitness centre.

The halls around the gym were cluttered again Tuesday with bricks, cement and other supplies, while hoses and cables zigzagged across the floor.

Jim Buck, athletic director for Loyalist College, said the fitness centre will see a number of changes including added square footage and updated equipment.

There will also be upgrades, new equipment and new additions such as “heavy-strength equipment”, new televisions, and changes to the set up as well as a new sign-in area and change of entrance.

“It’s a project we’ve been working on for quite some time, it’s going to be a real win for all the students and staff that use the facility,” Buck said.

The centre will expand into where the Aboriginal Centre used to be.

There is a permanent wall being erected where an elevator is planned to go at some point.

The project estimated to cost about $100,000, is expected to be completed when students return to the campus on January 9,, 2012.