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Chargers suffer first loss, but bounce back with win over Saints

By Andrew Mendler
Courtesy of Quinte Sporting News [1]

The Centennial Chargers basketball team has walked its way through the Bay of Quinte junior basketball season this year, winning all of their games by large margins, until recently.

It has never scored under 48 points and averaging only 25 points against all season.

Everything was going great for the Charger’s until December 13, when they dropped a 29-26 decision to the Nicholson Crusaders.

“That was an eye-opener for the kids, said Chargers coach Debbie Clare. “It was the first game we have been challenged.”

The loss saw the Chargers high-powered offense put up a season low 26 points and was the first time that two players on their team didn’t put up more than 10 points each in a game.

Centennial’s loss didn’t affect them at all as they bounced back with a win Wednesday night beating the Quinte Saints 54-23. Chase Peck led the way with 14 points and Zach Mullins chipped in with 12 points of his own.

The Chargers got off to a great start leading 14-4 after the first quarter.

The second quarter saw them completely shutdown the Quinte offense, as they allowed no points against. At half time their defense had helped them jump out to a 24-4 lead.

“We have worked on a three-two full court press, said Clare. “The kids have worked on that really hard, getting the ball turned over quite a bit so that’s definitely to our advantage.”

In the second half Quinte broke through Centennials defense but the offense was their to back it up.

The third quarter saw a lot of back and forth action as the Chargers edged the Saints in points 14-9 to give the a 41-13 lead.

“I’m 6-foot, four-inches,” said Centennial forward Chase Peck. “We have a couple of bigger players, so we definitely use our size to our advantage.”

Peck and Mullins have been the force behind the Chargers offense all season with both of them leading the team in points per game. Peck is the top offensive producer on the Chargers averaging 17 points per game. Mullins is right behind him having put up at least 10 points in four separate games this season.

“We’ve got strength with two of our players being well over six feet,” said Clare. “That’s our strength we feed it into them and they put the ball to the hoop. We are lucky with our size.”

Centennial now sits with five wins and one loss on the season, which is good for first in their division.

Both the players and the coaches feel that there is still some work to do.

“I think if we get more games under our belt with a bit more practice the kids are going to do well,” said Clare.

Peck and the rest of his team didn’t let the loss get them down. He feels that they will be prepared fro the second half of the season.

“I play basketball all year around so I’m pretty prepared.” We have got a good team, we are defending champs.”