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Six shooters exhibit on display at Belleville Library

By Andrew Mendler


One of several works by local photographers at the Parrott Gallery at the Belleville Library on display until Dec. 29, 2011. Photo by Andrew Mendler.

Diversity best describes the Six Shooters art exhibit currently on display at the John M. Parrott Art Gallery in Belleville.

The exhibit features photos from six local photographers; Lola Reid-Allin, Randy Googe, Gloria Hogue, Dexter Taylor, Cathy Vanner and Lisa J. Wessels.

“Some of us have been getting a reputation in the area,” said Reid-Allin. “My work has got a lot of favourable comments so far.”

Portraits, people, nature and landscape photography are just some of the themes displayed in the room full of photos.

The exhibition is running from December 1 through to December 29.

Reid-Allin along with many of the other five photographers has had a lot of her work displayed in exhibits over the years. She has even had some photos printed in mainstream publication such as the Toronto Star and National Geographic

“You are sort of bearing your soul,” said Reid-Allin, when taking about displaying her images in front of the public.

Reid-Allin described her photos at the exhibit as quite colourful, bright and unique.

“Even when my photos are black and white there is that impact of light,” said Reid Allin. “It adds feeling to it and I think I am very passionate person about photography.”

Passion was a point many of the artists made when talking about their photos.

“I am fueled by the fascination, the passion, the seduction, the intrigue and the ability to communicate through this medium,” said Cathy Vanner.

Vanner has been a big supporter of the local arts scene for many years as she currently belongs to the Quinte Arts Council, Napanee Photo Club and Belleville Art Association.

It was through these three organizations that the six photographers got to know each other and eventually decided to join forces and create an exhibit.

They have all participated in art events and exhibitions in Quinte region before, most recently in Belleville, Napanee and Kingston.

Googe and Hogue are the only two in the group who have been photographers their whole lives and both have been in the business for at least twenty years.

The other four had other successful careers before getting into photography. Reid-Allin was an aviation instructor and scuba master before her love for the nature developed into a passion for photography.

Taylor spent his life working as a doctor at Belleville General Hospital. He didn’t start experimenting with photography until after he retired.

“In my personal work I particularly enjoy working in black and white as well as colour,” said Taylor. “I like to put emphasis upon the textures and patterns found in both nature and man made objects.”

Wessels said she was mostly self taught and had to adapt and evolve with the changes in technology.

“My photography is constantly evolving,” said Wessels. “I know what I like and want to create at that moment. I love to take something we may see everyday and morph it into something my mind creates with colour, contrast and imagination. “

The exhibit is at the Belleville public library and can be viewed by the public until the end of the month every week from Tuesday to Saturday.