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Moving forward – upcoming discussion on wind farms

Wolfe Island wind farm. Photo By Nicole Kleinsteuber

Courtesy of Prince Edward County Voice [1]

The controversy over wind farm developments in Prince Edward County has fueled countless discussions, debates, consultations and protests over the past decade.

A number of county residents, environmental groups and government officials have objected to wind projects over that time.  Community debates, letters to government officials, protests and law suits began when wind developers like SkyPower Corp, Vision Quest Windelectric Inc, and Gilead Power applied for zoning permits to construct wind turbines.  Wind Power Development Canada is the most recent proponent to submit a project application and is working with private landowners to construct 30 turbines.

Gilead Power has been planning to build nine wind turbines on Ostrander Point since 2006.  Their application is in its final stages of approval and they hope to start constructing later this year.

Prince Edward County council is sending in their comments and concerns on the project to the Ministry of Environment to be posted on the environmental bill of rights registry.

Adverse health effects to humans and wildlife, environmental impacts, reduced property values, negative effects to the economy and tourism, insufficient energy production and noise levels are just some of the concerns in opposition.

Supporters of wind energy see this as an opportunity to reduce their carbon foot print, fight back against global warning, create jobs, generate private income, reduce hydro bills, eliminate coal fire plants and ensure a healthier environment for future generations.

But where Prince Edward County stands on wind energy as a whole?  It’s still undecided and it’s unclear when and if that will ever change.

Prince Edward County Voice invites the public to join a live discussion on Wednesday January 25, 2012 at 7 p.m. It encourages you to ask questions and discuss how as a community we might be able to open methods of communication, build bridges and most importantly move forward.  Log on to Prince Edward County Voice [1] and let’s make these first steps together.

Confirmed Panelists: Prince Edward Hastings MPP Todd Smith, Prince Edward County Mayor Peter Mertens and former Green Party candidate for Prince Edward Hastings MPP Treat Hull.

Invited: Kevin Surette, Manager of Communications WPD Canada, Kate Jordan Communications representative Ministry of Environment and former councillor and president of the PEC federation of agriculture John Thompson