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Golf pros scheduled come to Belleville in 2015

By Steph Crosier

The Canadian tour will probably be coming to a Belleville golf course in 2015 although details are confusing.

Golf organization Canadian Tour announced Jan. 19 that they have entered into a four-year partnership with local tourism groups. The partnership will bring the Canadian tour to the region beginning Sept. 3, 2012.

The tour will rotate between four courses, including the Black Bear Ridge Golf Course, just north of Belleville, in 2015. Brian Magee, owner of Black Bear, said that he hasn’t even talked to any organizers about any plans. He said that though they are happy they were asked, not many details have been given to him and there are still a lot of things to consider before they say they will host the event.

“They sort of nominated us and we haven’t yet had a serious talk about everything that goes with it,” said Magee. “There’s a fair number of complications. It’s not simply a matter of having the golf course organized properly.”

Though they have a few years, Magee said that they need to know how many people are expected to attend so they can organize simple things like parking, food services, and washrooms. More complicated things included in hosting a pro tour include organizing volunteers, a medical presence, and other operational elements.

Scott Pritchard, director of business development and communications for the Canadian tour, said that Black Bear was an obvious choice.

“Black Bear Ridge is one of the top golf courses in the country,” said Pritchard. “It encompasses the great waterway region, and with its stature in Canadian golf it was a no brainer.”

Scott Pritchard, director of business development and communications for the Canadian Tour, said Magee and Black Bear’s resident pro, Bill Kerr, have agreed to host the tournament.

“Luckily Mr. Magee, the owner, and Bill Kerr, the head professional, were delighted to listen to our proposal and obviously they are onboard for 2015,” said Pritchard.

Another element of confusion includes the fundraising elements of the tour. Pritchard said that there are different initiatives that take place during the event week. Events like dinners, amateur-pro games, and silent auctions. Gananoque’s Smuggler’s Glen is hosting the tour this September and all the money raised will be going to Kingston General Hospital.

As far as Magee has heard all the fundraising over the four years is going to be sent to Kingston.

“All the publicity I have seen up to date is that the first one is going to Kingston General Hospital and I would like to see, if it came here, it go to one of the local charities,” said Magee. “Belleville General Hospital would be my choice appose to the money continuing to flow into the Kingston General Hospital.”

Overall Magee is interested, “I’m not hesitant, I’m just foggy.”