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New Year’s Resolutions: Progression or Procrastination?

By Sherry Tompkins

STIRLING, Ont (24/01/12) Shirley Anne Ord owner and trainer at SAO Fitness in Stirling is passionate about helping people establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. "When you are 80, do you want to walk and tie your own shoes?" Photo by Sherry Tompkins

One month into the new year, and time to check in with New Year’s resolutions.  The top two resolutions are to lose weight and be healthier.

Who is hanging in and who has thrown in the towel?

Shirley Anne Ord of Sao Fitness in Stirling, runs a weight loss program every five weeks beginning Jan. 15 of each year.

“Two dropped out already,” said Ord, “Isn’t it sad that people don’t put themselves first, that they can come up with any reason not to do something? Then blame the outside world for that reason.”

Ord, who has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, estimates that approximately one third of those who begin a fitness program are going to stick with it.

So what makes a successful attempt?   Does a New Year’s resolution help?

“I think it’s a great place to start, but it’s too much pressure,” said Ord.

She said those who succeed are just ready.  “It’s what stage you’re at in your own life, whether you’re really ready to make a commitment to yourself or not.”

Ord outlined the varying building blocks of a new lifestyle.  These include isolating your resolution into a very specific goal.  The goal of losing weight isn’t specific enough.  This has to be broken down into, first, an overall goal with a specific number and timeline attached to it.  Then, it should be broken down into smaller, more manageable segments. This makes it easier to see results and feel good about your achievements, she said.

“Also, camaraderie of a group.  My weight loss program from 2011–Brianna lost 70.2 pounds, Joanna lost over 45, Kim lost over 25.  They were always together.  Every time they did group training, they got weighed together.  They cheered each other on.”

Andrea DiRocco-Supryka, personal trainer and owner of One to One Fitness in Belleville agrees. “I’m a big believer in baby steps, breaking things down into smaller stages.”

DiRocco-Supryka also talked about the psychological aspect of achieving goals. “What inspires you?  Where is your mind at?”

Both trainers agree that breaking your goal down into small manageable blocks is one of the keys to success.

However, Ord said, your thought process will either take you to the couch or to the gym.  “Really, the greatest aspect is the thought process.

If you fix your head, your body reflects that.”