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Bringing community together in a medival way

Video by Mark Tarnovetsky

Article by Linda Horn

The Stirling and District Lions Club went “medieval” Friday to raise money for the community.

As part of Stirling’s Hogfest, the Stirling and District Lions Club held a medieval feast last Friday night.

The sold-out event raised money to support the Lions Clubs effort to help those in need in the community.

“Funds go to the Lions Clubs and then finally to the community. We support anyone in Stirling that is having a really tough time,” said Arlene Pollick, organizer of the feast.

The Lions have tried other themed dinners in the past including a Newfoundland night and murder mysteries. Last year the club held the first medieval feast and it was a big success, so organizers decided to use that theme again this year.

The night included entertainment from the feast king and queen, Stirling Festival theatre actors Debbie Collins and Allan Gillespie, who provided many laughs during the night with their jokes and songs.

Guests enjoyed a meal made for royalty, jousting, a limerick contest and selling off the “serving wenches” who were men dressed up as women.

One feast guest, Angela Limlaw, was put in the stocks for using her cellphone and was released once someone paid the five-dollar bail.

“The evening was excellent. I am having a great time,” said Limlaw.

While organizers are calling the night a success, the final total of money raised has not yet been calculated.