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Lancers shut down Thunder winning streak

By Tiffany McEwen

Pitted against both Algonquin Thunder and the La Cité Coyotes this past weekend, the Loyalist Lancers volleyball teams have come out on top again.

The men’s team swept the weekend winning 3-2 against Algonquin on Saturday, ending the Ottawa teams 14 game winning streak, and 3-1 against La Cité on Sunday, bringing their season so far to 11 wins and four losses.

The Lady Lancers lost their game Saturday against Algonquin 2-3, but brought it back on Sunday by beating La Cité 3-1, bringing their season so far to 10 wins, five losses.

Men’s coach Dave Templar said his team has come to a realization this weekend, and stepped up their game.

“I think they played very well. We took a big step as a team this weekend. I’ve sort of been waiting for them to do this, but I think they proved to themselves that when they decide to play as a team and they decide to maintain a level of intensity and effort and cut down on their errors, then it’s going to translate into forcing teams having to beat them, instead of beating themselves and giving away points.

“When they allowed themselves the opportunities, they started to see the potential of what they can do when we eliminate those errors.”

As for ending the Thunder’s winning streak Templar said, “It’s always nice to play spoiler. At the same time, Algonquin’s probably still likely going to get first in the division, but it won’t be an undefeated first, which is nice.”

Templar said as long as his team keeps this up, they could win future key games.

While the ladies brought in one win this weekend, their coach, Tony Clarke, said they played an OK game overall.

“The ladies played an OK game… but they get too comfortable, and they lose focus.”

The Lancers will play their next game at Trent University on Feb. 1. The women will play at 6 p.m. and the men will play at 8 p.m.