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College connection to local weight-loss competition

By Mallory Haigh


BELLEVILLE, Ont. (08/02/2012) - First year Loyalist College Developmental Support Worker student Liz McLennan is a participant in the Belleville General Hospital Foundation's Quinte's Biggest Loser competition. She utilizes the Loyalist College Student Fitness Centre in the quest for a healthy, active lifestyle. Photo by Mallory Haigh

The Quinte’s Biggest Loser weight-loss competition has almost drawn to a close.

The event, which is run by the Belleville General Hospital, is a weight-loss competition modeled after a popular reality TV series.

Contestants, raising money for the hospital foundation, strive to have a healthier lifestyle and compete to see who can lose the most weight and raise the most funds. The contest was announced in December and ends next month.

Local businesses and fitness facilities were also encouraged to participate. Gyms including Belleville’s Curves, Quinte West and Belleville YMCA and Goodlife Fitness are offering free gym time to competitors.

In addition to providing participants with a fitness outlet, the foundation has scheduled various health and nutrition classes to support the cause.

Liz McLennan, a first year developmental services worker student at Loyalist, said that joining the program and participating in the competition was a spontaneous decision.

“I need to lose weight but I’m so completely bad at motivating myself. The natural accountability and very public aspect of fundraising for BGH works to keep me moving,” McLennan said.

McLennan is both a mother and popular local blogger. She runs the Life With Bellymonster blog, which focuses on her day-to-day life as a mom and student. She has returned to Loyalist as a mature student, after having originally been educated in journalism.

With a long-term 60-pound weight loss goal in mind, McLennan has her short-term sights set on incorporating fitness and exercise into her life, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

“I walk every day. Well, six days a week. I’ve been trying to get to some yoga classes and “boot camp” like things, too. I’m not too into weights, but don’t mind running, so I do that,” she said.

McLennan noted that she has already noticed big changes in her life. In addition to healthier eating and an exercise routine (she frequents the Loyalist Student Fitness Centre), she has lost a few pounds and commented that she does feel healthier and can notice an improvement in her fitness and health.

“I’m not even close to achieving my goal, but I’ve lost a few pounds and size since this competition began. Plus, I’m eating better so it’s all good,” said McLennan,

The final weigh-in for Quinte’s Biggest Loser takes place on March 29.