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Quinte Arts Council recognizes supporters

By Patrick Callbeck


BELLEVILLE, Ont. (04/04/2012) - Jack Evans was presented with the 2011 Quinte Arts Council Arts Recognition Award For his journalistic and artistic contributions to the Quinte arts community. Photo by Patrick Callbeck.

The Quinte Arts Council wants to award citizens for supporting the arts.

The council is seeking nominations for its annual Arts Recognition award. Every year the award is given to several people who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding support for the arts in Quinte. Past recipients have included musicians, visual artists, directors, writers, volunteers, and corporate sponsors.

Jack Evans, one of last year’s recipients, said the award is a great way to honour those who have contributed to the community.

“It’s like any other award. It’s a tangible recognition of your contribution,” said Evans. “It’s a real honour to have something like that.”

Evans received the award in recognition of his abilities as a singer, actor and musician, but also for the attention and respect he gave the arts community during his lengthy career as a journalist.

“I have been covering the arts, doing reviews of plays and shows and concerts, for years. If someone had a show coming up, even if nobody would pay me to write it I’d put it in the paper anyway,” said Evans.

Since its inception in 1993, the council has given the award to over 70 different people and organizations.  The council and various other members of the arts community determine the recipients.

“There have been a lot of great and wonderful people to receive this award since they started the program,” said Evans. “It’s a vote of confidence by your peers and other people that share the same interests and have similar experiences, that is such a meaningful thing.”

Nominations for the awards are open until May 14. Nomination forms can be picked up from the Quinte Arts Council office at 36 Bridge St. E, in Belleville. Awards will be presented at a banquet in June.

For more information about the Quinte Arts Council and the Arts Recognition Award visit the QAC website at http://www.quinteartscouncil.org/.