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Madoc boy wrestles for his dream

By Gail Paquette

Sixteen-year-old Adam Durst has always dreamed of becoming a pro wrestler.

So he did his homework, found a training facility and approached his parents. After a day of training at Squared Circle Training in North York, his coach El (Rob) Fuego said he was a natural.

Durst travelled every weekend from Madoc to the facility north of Toronto training hard to prepare for the day his coach would tell him he was ready for his first match.

On May 6 the trailers pulled in to the Kiwanis Centre, Madoc to set up for the town’s first ever live pro- wrestling show. Sixteen wrestlers performed for the crowd of over 250 and Durst was the main attraction.

It was his mother’s idea to bring his debut match to his hometown

The crowd chanted his name and cheered him on. Young children surrounded him for autographs.

“What a rush,” said Durst, after his win in the ring.

”My adrenaline was pumping when I heard them screaming my name.”

Durst is the first to admit that wrestling is a sport built on ego and the more charisma you have the better you.

Besides intense training every weekend he spends his lunch hours in the school gym, stays away from junk food and eats a lot of eggs.

He has been involved in sports throughout his life and was on the wrestling team his first two years of  high school.

Pro wrestling attracted him because of the theatrical aspect.

“I realize that on top of being able to do back flips off the ropes and pile drives there is the element of entertainment. The louder the fans cheer the better.”

Durst has been in musical theatre and part of the Quinte Young Actors Company in Belleville.

“I love to entertain people,”  he said.

With his athletic training and theatre background Durst plans on making it to the top of his field.