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Loyalist College helping local businesses

Loyalist College is working with local businesses and its students through federally funded government agencies.

The FedDev program allows small to medium sized businesses to get a product or idea out easier with financial help from the college. After being approved for an application, the college and the business produce half of the cost and meet in the middle. Students can then take part in the project by making it, or helping with research.

Ross Danaher, director of library and research services, said that they’re giving students needed experience.

“Were giving our students and faculty professional development and experience to show them how they’re going to do this when it’s out there,” said Danaher. “The company benefits from us doing some of this and hopefully will lead something to commercialization.”

Most recently, the college worked with N2 Towers to help them design a test chamber for their fire-suppression product. Adam Richardson, president of N2 Towers said he was glad to have the help.

“They did a great job designing the chamber to be made in panels, so we can ship it down to Kansas in the summer and pass our fire tests,” Richardson said. “Loyalist has been a big help, and with their assistance it works hand in glove in what were doing to get the testing done.”

Students enrolled in the architecture and construction renovation program designed and constructed a model of the test chamber, so that students in high school apprenticeship programs could then make it.

The program was started at the college in the fall of 2010. It was renewed for another $200,000 in December to be put towards whatever number of projects the college can apply them to.

Dan Holland, dean of schools of business & management studies, says that they want to “help as many small and medium enterprises as possible to help bring their ideas to commercialization.”

“The college has an opportunity to work with you,” Holland said. “If you have an idea, we can be the incubator for that idea.”