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Stirling breaks ground for new state-of-the-art school

School board trustee Bonnie Danes puts the shovel into the ground on the spot where the new school in Stirling will sit at the ground-breaking ceremony, June 28. Jasper Construction Corporation will begin work immediately and said the school will open September 2013. Photo by Gail Paquette [1]By Gail Paquette

On the last day of school students at Stirling Senior School sat outside on the spot that will become the new assembly area and stage of a brand new school.

“ Today we are getting a trial run,” said Suzanne Cholasta, principal of Stirling Senior School at the ground -breaking ceremony June 28.

In Stirling three schools will be replaced with a 67,000 square- foot energy efficient and technology-friendly building accommodating JK- Grade 8. Construction will begin immediately and the doors are scheduled to open September 2013 said Joseph Zinni, representative of Jasper Construction Corporation.

“The provincial government is reacting to aging infrastructures and underutilized buildings,” said Rob McGall, Director of Education. “ We are proud of the school we are about to build. Stirling will be home to one of the finest schools in Ontario.”

The approved budget of close to $ 11 million came from the Ontario government.

“Renewal is a priority, our school needs to be modern and safe.” said school board trustee Bonnie Danes.

“Schools are more then education, they are the hub of the community. This new two- storey facility will have a new stage, gym and kitchen, designed to encourage community use.”

Grade seven student Taylor Russett thought it was a great idea for everyone to be together under one roof and said his transition from the junior public school to the senior school was awkward, at first.

“The kids will get to know each other and the senior kids can be role models for the primary ones,” he said.

Todd Smith MPP for Prince Edward-Hastings and long time resident of Stirling said he had a lot of memories on the sports field where the new facility will sit but he was looking forward to coming back to see the new school.