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Loyalist hopes for better food survey results

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (18/10/12) Aramark employee Amanda Davenport takes the order of a customer at the Loyalist College Tim Hortons. Photo by Taylor Renkema.

By Taylor Renkema

Results are pending from a survey sent out to Loyalist students to see what they think of the food services at the college. A comments box has also been added to the student MyLoyalist Portal- where students access their grades and school e-mail accounts.

The new survey was sent to the student body through e-mail, and wraps up on Oct. 26. It’s sent out every year to see what changes students want in food services.

Fred Pollitt, director of student life at Loyalist, and head of the food service advisory committee said they have met once, shortly after the Thanksgiving weekend.

He said the committee is waiting to see what the results of this latest survey show to decide what changes, if any, will take place.

“What’s down the road, who knows? It will be interesting to see what direction students want us to go in,” he said.

This is only the second year Loyalist has had a contract with Aramark Food Services, having just switched from Chartwells after that contract expired.

Key Performance Indicator results from the 2011-2012 school year show a 23 per cent decrease in the number of students who are satisfied with the food services.

Pollitt said Aramark has actually done a lot of good for the school. He mentioned the new items at the campus Tim Hortons, such as breakfasts and a third “express” register as well as the addition of a Subway outlet.

He said food services on residence have improved the most in the last year.

“Students love the fact that they can get one or two slices of pizza up until midnight.  They don’t have to order a pizza, wait for the delivery, you don’t eat the whole thing, they just want one piece,” he said.

Pierre Overvelde, Loyalist’s food services director, refused to meet for an interview.