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Safety in question as Loyalist residence issues continue

By Matthew Blair


BELLEVILLE (06/11/12) Cardboard still covers A window on Tuesday that was broken during an incident on residence almost 2 weeks ago. Photo by Matt Blair.

Mary-Ellen Morris says some nights she’s afraid to go outside Loyalist Residence after 8p.m.

“I’ve been up until 3a.m some nights listening to people screaming outside and banging on my dorm door. I hate being out after 8 because of it.”

She is one of a number of residence students who have an issue with on going problems that started earlier this year. In September, there were other issues with damages to residence buildings, fights, hospital trips and even students being assaulted.

Another incident happened when students were on reading week during the nights of October 26 and 27.

A student who asked not to be identified said he witnessed the events. He said about five guys came to party Friday night, which resulted in a tree being uprooted from the ground. The next night they returned to party at the same unit, but when the occupants didn’t answer they kicked in a window.

Security was informed and searched the area, but the group had already fled, the student said.

“People need to learn to keep themselves in control. There’s a line of respect and people are passing it,” said Meaghan Martindale. Her residence window was also broken during the September incidents.

Residence Manager Chris Carson said he doesn’t believe there are any issues.

“From who I’ve talked to, and to my understanding I don’t believe there’s any safety concerns. What we know is it was an off campus student but it was a friend of the owner of the apartment.”

Carson said the student was knocking on the window to try and get the residents attention and accidentally broke it.

in an informal survey about 30 residence students were asked about safety, but most wouldn’t talk about the situation.

Kaylin Murphy, who lives in residence, said some people won’t talk because they’re afraid they might get hurt.

“I’m not worried about my safety, but I do think there is a problem for other students.”

Martindale said although there’s a problem, she believes it’s not a cause for concern.

“I don’t think it would be a concern for safety. It is most likely because they are friends and probably don’t want friends to get in trouble.”

Residence officials said they will continue to monitor the situation and do their best to keep things from getting out of control.