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Ontario woman represents Canada at Texas fishing derby

By Dan Cannataro

A woman is one of two Canadians representing the country in the second annual Kayak Mouth bass fishing derby in Texas.

Ashley Rae, 27 is excited to tackle a challenge for this three-day tournament as she has yet to fish south of the border. The event is being held on Lake Bastrop and Fayette County.

“I anticipated a little more excitement rather than usual when I finally hit the water Tuesday because it’s the first time I’ve ever fished in the United States,” said Rae.

Trying to get comfortable in her new surrounding has been difficult.

“It’s been tough, I’ve tried many things. Caught 15-18 fish by trying to get a really light hit on my drop shot,” said Rae.

The temperature difference plays a role in the sport of fishing.

“When I left Ontario Sunday night, it was two degrees and here in Texas I think its up to 20 degrees. That has to be the best fishing temperature a girl can ask for,” said Rae.

Fishing has been her love since childhood when a family friend introduced her to the sport at five years of age.

“Family plays a huge role in my life, I love taking my grandpa out on the lake to fish, fishing is my hobby and my passion but my education is in office administration,” said Rae.

She has four sponsors involved. The main sponsor is the sponsor of the tournament Hobie.

Hobie sells many kayak fishing accessories.

“Hobie has assembled a new Hobie Fishing Team that has some of the best anglers in the world, including Ashley Rae,” said Kevin Nakada.

“They are ambassadors of the sport and experts in local fishing arena’s,” said Rae.

Using different fishing equipment.

“I like to use a conventional fishing rod rather than the fly fishing rod it’s just a personal preference and it’s not the matter of better it’s the matter of difference,” said Rae.

Generally fly-fishing the rod is much lighter and you use a much longer rod and you usually cast upstream. The idea of regular fishing is to surf the lure across the water and use normal bait, such as worms. Insects are used in fly-fishing.

My biggest adjustment to fish with the conventional rod from the kayak has been to fish slow because at times I want to rush and that is where I make mistakes,” said Rae.

The tournament wraps up tomorrow. Rae looks to end her first experience in Texas on a high note.