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Nobody shows up for cleanup event

By Lyndsie Baxter

A box of latex gloves lay beside piles of garbage bags but the littered grounds of Loyalist College were left untouched Tuesday when nobody showed up for a “Clean Our Streets” event.

Loyalist was set to host its first annual cleanup event put on by the sales and marketing students partnered with the enactus group

The enactus group is an international non-profit organization that brings young entrepreneurs together to create and apply community empowerment projects.

The event was planned to run this morning from 10-12 p.m. Krystal Snyder, a sales and marketing student at Loyalist College says today they were hoping to at least get all of the enactus group out.

“There is over 100 members, so we’d hoped that we could get all of them to come out and submit their 10 hours that are required as part of their membership,” said Snyder.

Her expectations were dashed quickly as time passed and no one came.  She was holding out for members to come out towards the end of the allotted time but it didn’t happen.

Despite the failed showing, Snyder said she remains optimistic about the program and their green initiatives.

“It’s a little disappointing but we’re going to keep running the program anyway and maybe in the spring we’ll have more people.”

David Pickett, the student president of enactus Loyalist College, said the program is still fairly new and that they’ll just have to try different marketing tactics to avoid poor attendance.

“We had high expectations but this was our first attempt, we’ll have to start our marketing campaign two to three weeks earlier and either make an extremely flashy poster or consider different means of marketing,” said Pickett.

The next “Clean our Streets” initiative project at Loyalist is set to happen next April.