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Art Expo paddles Into Loyalist


Timmy Frost poses with “Time is Nonsense”. The piece is inspired by the perception of time. Phot by Sam Normand.

Sam Normand

Timmy Frost has turned a simple canoe paddle into much more. She created a piece she calls Time is Nonsense.

“I’m obsessed with time, so anything with gears, clockwork, anything to do with that, I love it,” says Frost. “That piece has to do with how we perceive time, and how humans are actually the reasons why we have set time, but time doesn’t actually exist.”

Frost says she spent a few days on the piece, first sanding down the paddle by hand and then coating it with several layers of gold and silver paint. She finished by covering it with gears and clock handles.

Timmy’s piece, and others, will be on display in the Link Lounge and throughout the college until December 11 as part of the second annual Art & Design Exhibit.

For the exhibit, students of the art & design foundation Ontario college certificate program were given a canoe paddle and told to take whatever creative license they wanted with it. Results ranged from Canadian flags to lizards to wax covered Dia De Los Muerte-esque bones.

The opening for the exhibit was held Monday in the Link Lounge.

Olivia St-Marie’s piece is called Canoeing Through Space. She says the starry canopy was inspired by a presentation by one of her peers.

“We’ve been doing a lot of presentations, and one of them was mostly on UFO’s and space, so I was kind of intrigued by those,” says St-Marie. “I thought it would be fun to


JJ Gascho poses with her unnamed artwork depicting a woman floating in water. She says the lack of clarity in the situation provides the viewer with a blank slate for the imagination. Photo by Sam Normand.

do some sort of galaxy.”

JJ Gascho’s piece is unnamed. It depicts a woman with flowing brown hair floating in a pool of water. Gascho says that the lack of clarity leaves room for the viewer’s


“She could be drowning, she could be swimming, she could be daydreaming and it’s all in her head,” says Gascho. “It’s one of those things where it can be just about anything, and I like that.”

Gascho’s preferred medium is acrylic paint. She says the combination of lack of mess, quick drying time, and low cost make it perfect for students.

The exhibition is done in conjunction with the Quinte Arts Council, and includes several pieces from local artists not attending Loyalist.

Carol Bauer is a member of the Quinte Arts Council. She says that this year’s exhibition was more challenging due to timing.

“We of course have connection to visual artists in the area. Our main role with this show was to connect with the artists and let them know what was happening, why it was happening, where, and how they could be involved,” said Bauer. “That was the main thing. It took some work this year, since it was so close to Christmas.”