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Loyalist students will elect new leaders

By Melissa Lemaire

Students have a chance to represent their fellow classmates in the ‘Be a Leader’ election today.

The Student Government ‘Be a Leader’ election will begin today at noon with eight positions open for the 2013 – 2014 academic year.

The positions available are: President, Vice-President, Student Life; Bioscience and Business Leader; Health Sciences Leader; Human Studies Leader; Justice Studies Leader; Media, Arts and Design Leader and Skilled Trades and Technology Leader.

“Students can apply anytime,” said student government office manager Nancy Simpson.

Interested candidates must be a full time student.

“The link is available for students to sign up,” said Simpson. “However, I can’t issue the nomination paperwork until (noon today).

Students interested in running in the elections must go online to complete the application form. Once complete, a nomination package will be sent to their email.

After the candidates receive their package, they must receive 10 nominations from full-time students and fill out some information about themselves. The information gathered about the candidate will be posted on the website as their profiles after nominations are closed/

“(This is) where students can read through everybody’s candidate profiles to decide who’d they like to vote for,” said Simpson. “The profiles will remain (on the site) until the final day of the online voting.”

Candidates will be allowed 300 flyers.

“(Students) can do posters and Facebook promotions. Some in the past have done t-shirts and even cupcakes,” Simpson said.

Once the votes are final, candidates will begin their duties on April 1.

“The president is required to be around for the summer months. The other positions, the students can be available through email. Providing their feedback over the summer, but they don’t actually have to be in the Belleville area during the summer,” said Simpson.

In September, the full board will be in operation when everyone returns to the campus.

The time commitment varies for each position.

Simpson explains that the president position has quite a few hours involved. The school leaders will attend two board meetings per month as well as a monthly class leader meeting. The council members also participate with pub nights and other various duties.

“We have a lot of information on the Loyalist Life website,” Simpson explains “including the duties, requirements and skills that the students would need. So a lot of information they can check out and to see, if they are interested (in running in the election).”

For more information check out loyaliststudents.com or email Nancy Simpson at nsimpson@loyalistc.on.ca [1].

Nominations are open at noon today (Jan. 22), until Tuesday, February 5 at noon.

“(It’s a) great experience for students who are coming back next year, to get involved in a leadership role,” encourages Simpson.


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