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Survey shows residents want greater police presence

By Steph Crosier
Courtesy of Code 11: On the Scene [1]


BELLEVILLE (17/01/2013) Loyalist College’s police foundation’s students took part in a two-month long survey asking over 1,700 Belleville residents their views on the Belleville Police Service. Photo by Steph Crosier

Majority of Belleville residents surveyed want more police presence downtown, in schools, and involved with anti-bullying programs.

These are the results of a Loyalist College’s police foundations students’ survey of 1,700 residents in Belleville.

Joshua Woodcock and Koshin Young presented the finding to the Belleville Police Service’s board Jan.17.

The two-month long survey of the Belleville community, in conjunction with the Belleville Police, involved the police foundations students travelling across the city knocking on strangers’ doors.

“This entire process gave me so much experience,” said Woodcock. “I learnt that the community plays a huge part in how the police conduct their business plan when it comes to addressing the communities’ needs and concerns.”

The survey asked 10 questions and showed many statistics like how 50 percent of residents wish the police were using social media, 73 per cent were happy with police response time, and showed that 85 per cent of residents think there is a drug problem in Belleville.

Chief Cory McMullan says the statistics will be looked at closer.

“We’re going to take that information back to the business plan committee,” said McMullan. “(It shows what the) community is asking us for and what direction are we going.”

The statistics will help police decide were to put their people, said McMullan.

“Taking that information in order to set resources, programs, and initiatives its extremely valuable,” said McMullan.

The survey showed that 87 per cent of Belleville residents felt a police presence in schools was very important.

“We’re seeing that the community really values that program, and they see it being effective, and they want more of it,” said McMullan.