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George Takach: Canadian lawyer

By Shelden Rogers

Born in 1957, George Takach is a Canadian tech lawyer, adjunct professor, author and is currently running for Liberal leadership.

Takach has received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, as well as a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, at Carleton University.

Takach brings four major topics to his platform. First, create new and better jobs to drive wealth creation in every region of the country; build stronger social programs that better protect the rights of each individual; secure our economic future and leave a legacy of prosperity for our children; lastly, restore Canada’s reputation as a leader in the global community.

Takach is upset with where the country is headed. He believes the economy is not growing at a rate it needs to if we are to drive the economy forward. He believes a government that does not respect our rights and freedoms is threatening our society.

He says our country is falling behind when it comes to technology and needs to move quickly. He also believes the Liberal party needs to rebuild and re-engage Canadians.

To change, Takach plans on improve the educations system, which can prepare Canadians to be competitive in an evolving global marketplace. Plans to provide stronger and smarter support to New Canadians. Demands a government that balances economic growth with social compassion. Believes the Liberal party must seek to govern, for all Canadians.