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McMullan on the relationship between Loyalist College and Police

By Steph Crosier
Courtesy of Code 11: On the Scene [1]

As a curator of successful of youth in the community, a relationship between the local police and Loyalist College benefits both parties and the community at large, said chief of police.

“The Bellville Police Service and Loyalist College have an excellent relationship. It’s been ongoing and we look forward to a long-standing relationship,” said Cory McMullan, chief of the Belleville Police Service.

McMullan says having a relationship with the college is beneficial for the force, and the community.

“I strongly believe in supporting the youth in our community,” said McMullan. “Loyalist College does so much for the youth in our community as well as for the youth that are temporarily here attending the college.”

As a member of Loyalist’s board of governors, though it is not related to her police duties, McMullan said it really enhances the relationship between the college and the police service.

McMullan said that being on the board the college has provided her with new perspectives, and she’s provided the school with police perspectives.

“I think as a result the community benefits from both aspects, enhancing the police service and the college,” said McMullan.

Beyond the board, Loyalist’s police foundation’s program was an integral part of Belleville Police’s plans for the future.

“The students were involved in assisting us with out business plan process,” said McMullan.

The students assisted by surveying the Belleville community with over 1700 participants during the months of December and January.

This survey was key to the business plan because it told the police services board exactly what the residents want police to focus on.

“It will also be provided to city council when we do our budget presentation,” said McMullan. “That information is used for our strategic business plan that we are currently finalizing.”

With the price of policing on the rise, McMullan said that there would be no way for her officers to circulate a survey and do their jobs.

“But that information is something that we need as a police service so it’s a definite benefit,” said McMullan.

In return for their efforts, officers from the service also help police foundation students with training and volunteer experience. This help includes assisting in training exercises and practical experiences in scenarios, said McMullan.

“The partnership between the two, I can’t say enough about,” said McMullan. “It’s ongoing and it seems that each year there’s something else that either the college comes up with our members come up with, that can be a further benefit us working together benefiting both agencies as well as the community at large.”

As for the future McMullan said that she would love to continue on the path they are on, but is open to any ideas to make it even stronger.

“The youth are our future,” said McMullan. “Anything that we can do to assist them in planning for their future is a benefit for everybody.”