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Loyalist students want more info on Snow Day

By Tyson Leonard

Snowstorms are a reality of Canadian winters, but how Loyalist College lets student and staff know whether it’s closing is less predicable.

Last Friday Belleville was hit with about 30cm of snow, but not enough for Loyalist College to close down. The issue for many students wasn’t that the college didn’t close though. It was how they could find out if it was closing.

The college’s website and twitter feed both failed to provide updates on the school’s status. There was also no email sent out to students. The Loyalist College Facebook page did have a status saying the college would be open, but for some it was too late.

Some of the comments on the Facebook status reflected frustration that no email was sent and that the status was made after some people had already gotten to school.

Dianne Spencer, the executive director of college advancement and external relations, could not be reached for comment.

Second year Paralegal student, Elizabeth Faucett, agreed it was an inconvenience to only be notified through Facebook.

“I think that it makes it really difficult for students trying to get to class to keep up with their notes or even if there is tests or anything like that they would be worried about trying to make it to class so ya, I think its definitely an issue,” said Faucett.

Jacob Parks, a second year police foundations student, said email would be the best way to inform students. He also said that students should take the matters into their own hands when it comes to inclement weather.

“They could have stayed open, if (students) want to drive in then that’s there choice, I just didn’t feel like it was worth it for me,” said Parks.

Support staff at the school also need to be told whether the college is open or not. Unlike students they cannot as easily take the decision to come to work in their own hands.

Gord Wright, president of OPSEU 421, the support staff union at Loyalist College, said the college does a fine job informing workers on whether the school is closed or not.

“What I’ve been told is that if the college is going to be closed then we will be called at home,” said Wright.

Wright said he was surprised the college stayed open last Friday.

“Whether they make the right choice as to when it should be closed I guess that’s up for debate, but they do tell us definitely,” said Wright.

Wright also said if the college was to close down after staff showed up then they would be told of the situation through supervisors.