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Live event: The future of the Bulls in Belleville

As the Belleville Bulls continue their post-season battle in the second round against the Sudbury Wolves, another kind of turmoil boils underneath related to the future of the franchise in the city.

Bulls owner and governor Gord Simmonds and Mayor Neil Ellis signed a new lease agreement at the Yardmen Arena last month, but there is still talk about new building.

Meanwhile, empty seats exist despite the team’s success this season.

Should the city be involved in building a new combination arena/entertainment venue to seat 5,000 fans? Who should contribute to the $50 to $80-million cost? What will happen to the Yardmen Arena, which was only refurbished five years ago at a cost of more than $20 million?

Join local sports broadcaster David Foot, voice of the Bulls, and the QNetNews team to a lively discussion Wednesday April 17, 2013 at 7 p.m., for a one-hour live event to discuss this and more.