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Liberal budget tastes Greek to Todd Smith

Story and Photo by John R. Moodie

Ontario’s economy may be headed towards hard times warns Conservative MPP Todd Smith about the Liberal Budget.

“This is where were headed if we don’t start to get our financial house in order. We have to reverse this trend or else we are going to end up like Greece and they’re in a lot of trouble,” said Smith.

This morning Hasting Prince-Edwards MPP Todd Smith spoke to the Belleville Chamber of Commerce and members of the business community on the proposed Ontario Liberal budget. The speaking engagement took place at the Belleville Travelodge before a crowd of approximately 50 people.

“We are on a pretty dangerous track in Ontario, a track we have seen California, a track we have seen some European countries take. And there has been no real sign by this current government to take us off that track, and get our financial house in order, “ said Smith about the direction the Liberal government has taken.

This comes on the heels of Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s announcement that she would support the Liberal budget. The Conservative Party has stated emphatically that it would not support the budget. If the NDP had chosen to reject the budget this would have forced a vote of non-confidence and a June provincial election.
“I think Andrea Horwath has a bit of a credibility problem now she has run out of material. I don’t know how she can continue to criticize this government when she continues to prop it up,” said Smith.

Smith said the next chance for the Conservative party to force an election would be in the fall when the government gives its financial economic update.